BT Converse 2200 Corded Telephone In White (Refurbished)

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The BT Converse 2200 is a Corded Telephone that has 10 One Touch memory buttons and Visual Ringer,PABX compatible Message Waiting indicator.

Key Features: 

  • Full Handsfree
  • 10 one touch memory buttons
  • 3 ring tones
  • Headset socket
  • Inductive coupler
  • Handset volume control
  • Earpiece volume control
  • No Batteries or power supply unit required
  • Three standard ringtones
  • Ringer volume control
  • Ringer volume on/off
  • Visual ring indicator
  • Message waiting indicator
  • PBX compatible
  • Wall Mountable

Refurbished Product Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Refurbished Mean?

All our refurbished stock products are typically 14 day returns from High Street Retailers, Catalogue Companies or Online Retailers. Because these product cannot be re-stocked as new, companies such as ourselves, purchase product in bulk; we then rigorously check the product (with our own trained technicians) for functionality and cosmetic defects before the product is either passed or failed.  Products which have passed our checks are cleaned and repacked for sale in their original box or a suitable plain box if the original box is damaged. 

What Condition are Discount Communications Refurbished Products?

The overall condition is cosmetically very good as we pride ourselves on having excellent quality standards in our Telecom Workshop, checking procedures are stringent – meaning items are fully functional, hygienically cleaned and repackaged when they leave the premises.  Items may have some minor cosmetic marks to the plastics, but nothing major, products can become marked within a few days of use.

Are all items included with Discount Communications Refurbished Products?

We always sell items complete unless otherwise stated, as selling incomplete products can make life a headache for the customer and ourselves!  So unless otherwise stated all items are included i.e. Batteries, Power Supplies, Cordage etc.  The only item that may be missing is the product user guide, but we usually supply a website link for the full User Guide download.  The reason why full user guides are not provided is due to manufacturer’s wishing to reduce their “Carbon Footprint” on paper documentation and thus providing a quick start manual which only offers a basic setup guide for the product. It is better to download the comprehensive User Guide for full concise information on a product.

How Long Is The Warranty Discount Communications Offer On A Refurbished Product?

The warranty we offer is 12 Months from the date you receive the product. Meaning the warranty is covered by Discount Communications as manufacturers do not offer warranties on our refurbished items. We offer a 12 month warranty as the majority of genuine faulty product returns (which is only around 4% of all our overall items sold) are returned in this time period, so if a product goes wrong it usually happens in the first 12 months. In which case we will replace or refund cost the product.

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