Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I remove the battery cover on my BT cordless phone?

With most products it is simply a matter of applying pressure with your thumbs to the bottom half of the back of the handset and sliding the battery cover down. However, with models such as the BT2100/2200/2600/2700/8500/8600/Halo the whole back part of the handset unclips and removes (like a clamshell). Please see the image below to show you.

Q: Why can't I make or receive telephone calls on my new phone?

A: Please try the following:

  1. Have you made sure that you are using the line cord provided with the phone.
  2. Check that both ends of the line cord are connected correctly.
  3. Make sure the power supply is plugged in to the mains and power switched on.
  4. Is the handset screen flashing Base, Out Of Range or Searching? Move closer to the base unit to try and resolve the error message.
  5. You may need to re-register your handset to the base please see user guide for instructions.
  6. Switch off the power to the phone and leave for 10 minutes, reconnect and see if this resolves the problem.
  7. Try the phone line cord in another phone socket if possible or try another working phone in that socket
Q: Where can I get a copy of the user guide for my BT product?

A: Most BT user guide from the past 20 years can be obtained as a PDF digital document by simply searching on Google. If you type the name of the product you want to search for on - for example 'BT Freestyle 750 user guide' you will general find a link within the first page of search results. If you see '[PDF]' next to the title of the search result then that is a direct link to the user guide document. If you click on it, it then should bring up the full user guide for that product which you can download to your computer or tablet.

Q: Why can't I get a dial tone using my old phone's line cord?

A: Line cords can be wired specifically for most current model telephones. Please ensure you using line cord provided within the box, as your existing line cord may not work. If it doesn't work and you do not have the original line cord that was supplied with the phone please contact us our Spares Helpline on 0800 980 8999 as we can make up line cords for certain products.

Q: Do I need a phone line socket for every additional handset I have?

A: No, additional handsets only require a mains power supply. All of the handsets are linked via a radio frequency to the main base (which is the only base to plug into a telephone on a multiple handset sets) so this is how they communicate between one another.

Q: If I have more than one handset can I transfer calls or make internal calls?

A: Yes, cordless telephones with more than one handset in the set will allow you to call transfer or make internal calls. The method of these two actions can vary from model to model so please refer to the products user guide.

Q: Do I need charging pods and main power adaptors for all handsets?

A: Yes, all of the handsets use rechargeable batteries which will need recharging when the batteries start to run down. The charging pods and power supplies are designed to keep the batteries in the handsets topped up with power so you can keep using them.

Q: Do all cordless phones need batteries?

A: Yes, all cordless telephones require a rechargeable battery of some sort to allow them to be used.

Q: Can I use my cordless in a power cut?

A: Unfortunately not, if there is no power getting to the main base of your cordless it will not function. We recommend having a corded telephone or mobile phone as back-up in an emergency situation.

Q: I bought some replacement batteries in the high street and they don't work, why?

A: Most telephones will be tested and certified to only work with certain specification batteries. Using the wrong type of batteries will either not work, only allow for a shorter talk time or even leak and damage the handset. The batteries we supply are all tested and certified correct replacement batteries for BT products. If you are in any doubt as to what batteries you require please contact our Spares Helpline on 0800 980 8999.

Q: I bought replacement AAA batteries like the original AAA batteries in the handset, but they don't fit?

A: Not all AAA batteries are exactly the same specification, some are slightly shorter in the body and longer in the positive tip of the battery by a couple of millimetres. If you have bought replacement batteries from ourselves or another retailer and they don't fit in your handset even though they are marked as AAA, this will be the reason why. Some model product have tight battery compartments and if you try and force a battery in that has slightly the wrong dimensions you can either get the battery stuck or damage the handset, so it is not recommended forcing a battery that won't fit in easily.

Q: Why does my new handset continually display the word 'Please Register' on the screen?

A: When you see 'Please Register' or Un-Registered' then the handset is not communicating with the main base station. You must go through the process of registering the handset to the main base so the two items are linked together via a radio frequency. Registration instructions are normally supplied with additional handset purchased from us so if you cannot find this information please contact us on 0800 980 8999 or via our Contact Us page.

Q: Will leaving my handset on charge all the time shorten the battery life?

A: We do recommend taking your handset or handsets of the base stations at least once a week to allow the batteries to run down. It is actually better for the overall life expectancy of the batteries to do this, as constantly leaving the handset on charge will weaken the cells inside the battery over time quicker. Unfortunately the batteries won't last forever and eventually if you charge them for too long or too many times then sadly the batteries will fail.  By taking the handset off the base and leaving it off to run the battery down to at least quarter or 25% battery power means that you are allowing the cells inside the batteries to cycle a discharge which is good way to keep your batteries running correctly for an improved life expectancy of them. 

Q: What is the life expectancy of batteries for new products?

A: This is a difficult question to answer as batteries are consumable items so the life of a battery can really vary due to it's charging routine. Typically we find products will give you at least 12 months out of their supplied batteries, but the average would be 18 months to 3 years. However, it is difficult to estimate exactly how long batteries will last as usage from customer to customer can differ greatly.

Q: I don't know what spare part I need to make my phone work, can you help further?

A: Yes, if you either contact us on our BT Spares Helpline: 0800 980 8999 or email an enquiry via our Contact Us page we can let you know if the part you are looking for is available.


Refurbished Product FAQs

Q: What Does Refurbished Mean?

A: All our refurbished stock products are typically 14 day returns from High Street Retailers, Catalogue Companies or Online Retailers. Because these product cannot be re-stocked as new, companies such as ourselves, purchase product in bulk; we then rigorously check the product (with our own trained technicians) for functionality and cosmetic defects before the product is either passed or failed.  Products which have passed our checks are cleaned and repacked for sale in their original box or a suitable plain box if the original box is damaged. 

Q: What Condition are Telephone Service Centre Refurbished Products?

A: The overall condition is cosmetically very good as we pride ourselves on having excellent quality standards in our Telecom Workshop, checking procedures are stringent – meaning items are fully functional, hygienically cleaned and repackaged when they leave the premises.  Items may have some minor cosmetic marks to the plastics, but nothing major, products can become marked within a few days of use.

Q: Are all items included with Telephone Service Centre Refurbished Products?

A: We always sell items complete unless otherwise stated, as selling incomplete products can make life a headache for the customer and ourselves!  So unless otherwise stated all items are included i.e. Batteries, Power Supplies, Cordage etc.  The only item that may be missing is the product user guide, but we usually supply a website link for the full User Guide download.  The reason why full user guides are not provided is due to manufacturer’s wishing to reduce their “Carbon Footprint” on paper documentation and thus providing a quick start manual which only offers a basic setup guide for the product. It is better to download the comprehensive User Guide for full concise information on a product.

Q: How Long Is The Warranty Telephone Service Centre Offer On A Refurbished Product?

A: The warranty we offer is 12 Months from the date you receive the product. Meaning the warranty is covered by Telephone Service Centre as manufacturers do not offer warranties on our refurbished items. We offer a 12 month warranty as the majority of genuine faulty product returns (which is only around 4% of all our overall items sold) are returned in this time period, so if a product goes wrong it usually happens in the first 12 months. In which case we will replace or refund cost the product.

Q: Why Should I Choose Telephone Service Centre?

A: There are many sellers out there to choose from, but what customers tell us from their feedback is how satisfied they are with their overall buying experience. With over 30 year experience specialising in refurbished telecoms products, we strive to save our customers money, yet provide an excellent level of quality and high standard of service.  Offering peace of mind that you are buying from a reputable company that you can count on!

If you have any questions about an item listed, or you are looking for a spare part or have a query about delivery of an order – please contact us via our Contact Us page or give us a call on 0800 980 8999 we’re open from 9am till 5pm Monday ~ Friday (Excluding Bank Holidays).